About us

We provide superior level of videography services for a wide range of purposes.

 Our company specializes on making videos of a high quality, regardless of their type. Whether you need a full-length film or a music video, we can help you. Our team consists of professional videographers, script writers and directors of photography with years of experience. When shooting films and video clips, we pay a lot of attention to what we do, and that is why our works are highly recognized. On this website you can take a look at all works of Superior and even find out the backstage secrets of their making.


The director of photography is hired at the start of  preproduction, and is typically hand-picked by the director. This person will supervise the camera, lighting, shadow...

Skills & Education

A director of photography needs expertise in lighting, color theory, camera operation, and the techniques of cinematography. Raad more about skills & education...

What to Expect

The camera department is still the standard proving ground for future cinematographers, but it is becoming more common to see DPs who have graduated from the lighting.

Director of Photography for live
action and visual effects

A San Francisco Bay Area native and current resident, director of photography Art Adams launched his career in Hollywood. He acquired his lighting and visual effects skills by working on dozens of feature films, and learned how to work fast on episodic television series. He now brings these talents to spots and high-end marketing and branding projects for broadcast, web and special venue presentations.

Directors have referred to Art's work as "sophisticated," "sculpted," "polished," "cinematic," "epic" and "clean."

He excels at lighting faces for glamor, comedy and drama; creating powerful story-driven images on set rather than leaving the mood and color of a piece until post; and shooting visual effects projects
that sail through post like a summer breeze.

Work team

David Austin

He is the Producer, a person responsible for the work of the whole studio who also supervises our projects.

Eva Adamson

As a photographer,
meaning "drawing with light”, she is a person who takes photographs.

Thomas Bishop

Graphic Designer/Visual Communication Specialist responsible for creating high-quality print.

Natalie Barnes

As an Art Director, she is responsible for the visual style and images in magazines and newspapers.